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Collection, Use and Disclosure of Information

If you are an investor in the Forsyth Barr Investment Funds, you authorise Forsyth Barr to:

  • collect, hold, and disclose information about you for the purposes of providing services to you, compliance with applicable laws, administering your account, or for our own marketing purposes or to further the relationship between us;

  • collect information about you from, or disclose information about you to, any of Forsyth Barr's affiliates or any third party who helps to achieve any of the purposes above, credit reporting agencies, the New Zealand Traffic Authority, the New Zealand Government Confirmation Service and the Department of Internal Affairs for the purpose of verifying your identity in accordance with anti-money laundering laws, any reputable organisations with whom Forsyth Barr has a continuing relationship, and any person where required by applicable law or where Forsyth Barr believes the giving of information will help prevent fraud, money laundering or other crimes;

  • use information about you for any of the purposes above;

We may vary these privacy terms from time to time without notice to you, provided we make the varied terms publicly available on this page

Except as authorised above, we will not disclose information about you acquired in connection with your account to other persons, unless you authorise that disclosure. If we do disclose information about you, we may not be allowed to tell you.

You have the right to see all personal information that we hold about you. If the information held about you is wrong, you have the right to have it corrected.

To further the relationship between us, we may provide you with information about products and services which we think may be of interest to you.