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Cash Management

Earn interest while you save or plan

Place your money at call for easy access enabling you to take immediate advantage of investment opportunities.

How your account works

Set up when you become a client, your Cash Management account is a convenient and flexible way for you to invest in equities or fixed interest securities. Client funds in the Cash Management service are pooled and invested on-call. With easy access to your money and the ability to earn interest on the cash in your account Cash Management is a valuable tool in managing your investments and portfolio.

At a glance

  • Available for New Zealand dollars and major foreign currencies.
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.
  • No entry, exit, transaction or monthly account fees.
  • A convenient way to settle equity or fixed interest transactions you make with Forsyth Barr.
  • Cash flow management with options around lump sum or regular deposits and withdrawals.
  • Quarterly statements to help you keep track of your investment.

Become a client

Speak to an adviser near you

To find out more about a Cash Management account, speak to one of our Investment Advisers.