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Buying and selling shares is easy with Forsyth Barr.

Once you are signed up as a client, transactions can be arranged over the phone.

Our Sharebroking service provides you with:

  • Quality research. Access to our investment research. Daily and weekly commentaries and provide extensive coverage of NZ, Australian and international stocks.
  • Financial Adviser Regulations. Forsyth Barr has been granted Qualifying Financial Entity (QFE) status by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). As a QFE, Forsyth Barr is responsible for the conduct of its financial advisers, such as the delivery of financial adviser services and encouraging their professionalism and integrity. Effectively, the QFE sits between FMA and its advisers and is responsible for ensuring that they meet and maintain appropriate standards.
  • NZX Firm. Forsyth Barr is an accredited NZX Firm governed by the NZX Market Participant Rules. These regulations ensure a transparent and orderly market and set strict compliance rules, including daily reporting to the NZX of our financial position and receiving both annual and random inspections.
  • Access new issues. Forsyth Barr clients are able to access investments in new issues of equity and debt securities.
  • Online monitoring. Register on the Forsyth Barr website to access research exclusively from our extensive research library, as well as monitoring financial news and market movements.
  • Global affiliations. A network of affiliations with some of the world’s leading sharebroking firms ensures access to global market intelligence. Importantly, as an independent, NZ-owned firm we are not restricted to using only the research of a dominant global owner.
  • Cash Management. A Forsyth Barr Cash Management account enables you to simply and efficiently settle transactions, and receive income from your investments. This is available for all major currencies.
  • One off sales. If you have a one-time sale of a security or portfolio of shares to undertake, for example from an inheritance or an estate sale or from a share give-away, we can assist you with this in a way that avoids the usual paperwork necessary to open an account.

Still wondering if this service is right for you?

To find out more about buying and selling, speak to one of our Investment Advisers. They will take the time to understand what you want to achieve, and work out a plan that is right for you.

Alternatively, fill out our online form and an investment adviser will be in touch to help with your buy/sell order.